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Manly Products

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We've tried hard to do our research and source the best Canadian-made men's product line we could find.  Enter "Topher's Beard & Soap Co"!   We carry an assortment of their amazing beard and stache care products (oils, balms, butters etc.), as well as some of their rustic bath & body soap bars.  And we also provide their shampoo and allow you to custom-scent it!  You like it strong, or mild, no prob!  It's up to you!  Their conditioner is also a fan favourite so far! Everything smells amazing and trust us, the lady in your life will appreciate the change!  ;-)  

Come on by and check them out, or book a service and we'll use their products on you and you can see what we are talking about! 

Book online using the "Schedule Now" button, give us a call, email us, or on an off-chance just pop-in and see if we have a spot open for you!