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The Redtop Barbershop is located in picturesque Rossland, British Columbia.  Nestled between the Monashee and Selkirk mountain ranges in the heart of the West Kootenays, we are the only Barbershop in town. 

Sit in our antique, and functionally restored Berninghaus barber chair (circa 1901!).  Sit back, relax, sip a hot or cold drink while reading the latest ski or bike mag, listen to some tunes, watch the game, shoot some pool, play some darts, or just stare at our mountain views from the couch. Beard trims, wash, hot towel treatments, and scalp massages are all part of the experience!

Historic Washington Street has recently undergone a facelift to match the recent Columbia Avenue revitalization. That means downtown Rossland is looking as good as ever! Maybe its time for a style revitalization of your own, so pop in and say hello, or just come on by and hang out with us!  

Why Redtop?  Well, Rossland is often synonymous with nearby Red Mountain, upon which you'll find one of our signature grueling climbing trails entitled "Redtop"!  Plus, the name just rolls off of the tongue nicely.  We also don't discriminate against gingers, and we think the name puts that across.  :-)

We recommend making an appointment online via our website (or via Schedulicity directly), but you can also call 250-921-5852 and leave a message, or just take a chance and pop by and see what timeslots are available for you.